Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Boyle That Popped

So we all know who Susan Boyle is by now from Bitain's Got Talent? I don't even intentionally watch the news and I know who she is. I have to say, though she looks like a wildebeest, she finally won me over when she "lost it" on those journalists who harassed her. Let's face it, who doesn't want to kick a journalists ass? Especially reporters who talk with a funny accent. I mean, she's Scottish and I bet to her they sounded like they had the tip of their tongues cut off like those old Australian Toaster Biscuit commercials...

"The're much fluffier than those hard English things. It tastes like it's got butta inside. They make my mouth watuh."

Susan Boyle,Ask Shameless,Britain's Got Talent?
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Anyhow Susan, take it easy, take a break and call your cat "Pebbles" because I'm sure she's missed you after running out of catnip and eating her own kitty-Roca for months.