Friday, June 12, 2009

Make The Damn Change Already!

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Today all US TV stations our cutting off all analog signals. According to the FCC (federal communications commission) there are still over one million homes who still have not made "the change."

Boo-fucking-hoo! Even if you're are 85 years old, deaf, dumb and blind, you've had well over a year with millions of annoying commercials and printed advertisements telling you EXACTLY what to do and when to do it! If you don't recall, this was supposed to originally happen months and months ago but was postponed for fear too many people would still be left in the dark.

GREAT... ... now I have to listen to all the same commercials again but with the added phrase "If you STILL have not" incorporated into them.

The FCC is handing out bumper stickers to help create awareness to those who still have not used their rebate checks for the new digital converter boxes.

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