Friday, June 12, 2009

David "Lamerman" VS. "Governhater" Palin Square-Off

"Letterman on the left, Palin on the right... ... and you can vote for whoever you like... ....yea!"

So here's my two cents on the whole Sarah Palin/David Letterman tiff; because that's what it is folks, a f$#@&*+ "tiff". At this point, I think both parties are paid way too much! Palin is starving for attention (as is Letterman) and Letterman's jokes lately, just suck. I really don't think anyone was offended until Governhater Palin was. Seriously, you know I'm right. All busniness aside, this is a personal attack on Palin's family AND it's a joke. Here's the rub, I'm not even a fan of Letterman and also I kind of like Palin. I mean, she's the hot, pit-bull with lipstick ex-candidate that everybody loves to hate but me and (R) Alaska? Whatever, go F&%$# yourselves...
Letterman is old and let's face it; he's about as funny as a reoccurring hemorrhoid who brings his penis-head, keyboard playing friend to a Mexican food-shitting contest the next morning. The whole thing is just an annoying, stinging sensation in my ass that just won't go away! In fact, I think NBC should just rub some Preparation H on the whole-damn thing so it will just recede into the butt-hole land of wasted air time. AND is it me or did Lamerman's show do this to gain the ratings of lost Leno fans? Nahhh...

Doesn't she come off like a bitch? Does she not have something better to do? I mean, Lamerman did it during his widely accepted "job" Palin, you just used national TV at a time in the morning when you and all the rest of America should be f$#@&*+ working your asses off on how to fix the shit we're in for the position you're no longer campaigning for?

If that's not enough, Ol' Mr. Leo Brent Bozell, founder of MRC (Media Research Center) AKA the "Worst Person in the World" has to weigh in on it and "demand" Lamerman to apologize to Sarah Palin and Willow (the daughter the dumbass meant to ridicule). Ooooo... ... he's-a-shakin'-in-his-a-boots-now Bozell; because most people care if you poke your silver-head out... ... Besides Leo, Matt Lauer of the Today Show took Palin's side anyways. So it's a done deal.

Hate it when I'm right. Maybe I should have my own late night talk show or run for the next ex-presidency campaign? No... ...bad idea, because I hate politics and my humor is too "bold" and "racy."

P.S. You would think I know this, BUT I need people to tell me. LMFAO! Later haters...