Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pet Peeve #3

For the most part, I can be pretty patient. Not today... I'm in line at a local bitch box (espresso stand- I think it's called Java Slut) about three cars back and this GUY is talking to the Barista for like six minutes- after he receives his drink! People started to do that little, pathetic half-honk thing (ya know the one where you want them to know someone honked, but not you) and the guy still didn't get the hint!!

So what do I do?

I laid down on my horn like I'm taking a nap at a Pink Floyd concert. He looks around embarrassed-like and finally, drives off. By the time I pull up to the window, the java jugs girl is telling me what he said without even asking me. She said he asked her out and gave her a Victoria Secret bag with some fancy panties in it. {Huh?} Of course, she's freaked out because she's 18 years old going on 14 and he's in his mid-forties or something.

Do I care?

Not really, just give my damn coffee. There's no other stand around for a few miles and I'm going to be late for work. Besides, they fired the girl I like with the best boobs anyway...

Note to self: The uglier girl's side moves faster if I'm running late.