Saturday, July 18, 2009

HIT REALITY SHOW GETS NEW TITLE: "John & Kate + 8 = 10 - John ÷ Kate = Divorce with a bunch of little bastards running around"

Forget about puppy mills... why should anyone feel sorry for people who mate like wild bunnies without any regard to the consequences? Where did I miss the new fad that having a bunch of children is the "cool" thing to do??

And is it me, or am I really the only person on this planet who thinks that Kate is a bitch? I don't blame her completely though; I mean, what kind of an idiot would want that many kids and a bitchy wife who's infamous for just breeding? You could probably park a few semi-trucks and pop up some circus tents without even leaving a scratch in there. {That's funny right thar, I don't care who you are}

How can anyone feel sorry for them when they make a butt-load of money off of their own self-indulgence because of the general public's inability to watch something else worth watching?! They both made the bed they no longer sleep in and I feel about as "sorry" for them as I do for Michael Jackson's kids right now. Before you attack me on this one (because I just love those hater's), try serving our country for a cause you may not even believe in- while at the same time having you leg blown off from a rogue missile and get some REAL problems Gosselins.