Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sarah K. writes:


I saw your last posts on
Komo so I know you're dying to talk about this and I think the parents could have done a better job at watching their children in this instance! Seriously, a 6 year old should have not even been left alone long enough to get into such a situation!

Well Sarah, you're right. I have been following this story for a few hours and I've already talked about my stance on parenting today and how it is inevitably, affecting our children and our very own future. For my latest published experience, please see "So This Kid Punches Me In My Dick" post.

Anyhow, I've seen and heard a ton of people commenting on how the Heene's should be responsible for the rescue operation expenses due to their negligence and given their history from ABC's hit, the "Wife Swap" and I couldn't agree more (almost). I'm muttering almost because no matter what any of us say nor what the situation costs, any one of us would want our child or children back safely, regardless. So all though I'm sure the Heeen's are the majority of parents contributing to the " So This Kid Punches Me In The Dick" generation directly, I'm also sure that they love little Eagle, I mean "Falcon" unconditionally (OK, I'm a little bit soft on this post than usual).

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.... I have some questions about the whole thing and I'm sure the media is 50% responsible for blowing the whole thing out of proportion and the parents are 100% responsible for their children!

1. Why were the children unsupervised?
2. Did ABC's "Wife Swap" really help? OK, that one's maybe irrelevant. Or is it?
3. Sheriff's deputies shoveled dirt on the balloon to keep it from flying away. REALLY? That was the plan?? Even a local suggested dropping honey on top of it. LOL, of course.
4. What the hell was the "object" the deputy spotted anyway? A giant Falcon turd? He-he...
5. Komo reports: "Troy Brown said the Black Hawk helicopter was in the air for nearly three hours, and the Kiowa helicopter was airborne for about one hour. The Black Hawk costs about $4,600 an hour to fly, and the Kiowa is $700 an hour, Brown said." So, who's paying for this?
6. Mayumi seems dumb...
7. Richard seems dumb too...
8. I EXPECT to see them on GMA soon. Place your bets...
9. The whole thing just seems fishy...

P.S. To those of you who said I was close on my "he's hiding in the garage" guess; I WAS RIGHT! He was in a box, in the attic that was IN THE GARAGE! HA!!