Thursday, March 19, 2009

OCTO-BITCH buys a new home.

Ok, I'm only going to rant on this woman once (maybe) BUT, can you believe this crap? I live in a Democratic state known for taxing the shit out of it's natives (not the immigrants who stand outside of my local hardware stores) and then hands that portion of that money to irresponsible, single mommies who make piss-poor decisions.

But this bitch (I'll say again for all you Octo-Bitch-loving, jobless, state-sucking whores), this bitch buys a $600,000 four bedroom home (which is too small for 14 children if you ask me) while her own mother's house (that Octo-Bitch has been living in until now) is heading to the auction block!

PEOPLE, she used tax payers money to pay her Dr. bills! Then, she argues with her mom on national television trying to justify her actions! Then, you Octo-Bitch lovers defend her ridiculous actions by asking me and the mainstream media (that helped her make money off of her idiotic fame) to "back off" and "just leave her alone"? Why? She's doing so well now she even has her own action figure coming out soon!

Anyone who's known for accomplishing absolutely nothing with the exception of whoring eggs without consequences and is then rewarded for it, is top-notch in my book. So Octo-Bitch, I say this from the bottom of my rotting heart, this Bud's for you!